I don’t always have the courage to write all the time, but I got through it regardless

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When I first started freelance writing, I always thought that I could simply brainstorm my ideas, write in a whim, and boom! Article published. I have tonnes of topics and outlines stashed up in my Trello app, so there is no reason not to write articles more often, right? I mean, why not? I have already planned what to write in advance, so I should have been writing already. Am I right?

Not exactly.

Don’t get me wrong. In this challenging time right now, I see it as a blessing in disguise to focus more on writing and publish more…

NOTE: Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, I discourage you from actively going around especially by public transportation. Only take this article as handy information to get to know further about public transport. Always keep up to the latest news, practice social distancing and, more importantly, maintain your hygiene.

Going around by public transport may not be the first option you have in your mind. No doubt, going around your area by your vehicle provides you the freedom to go anywhere or anytime you want. …

Who doesn’t like free software, right? But it doesn’t mean it can’t get monetized.

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I have a question. Who doesn’t like free software? Yes, really free software that anyone can use for life, as in free beer.

Nowadays, there are countless numbers of software on the web that can be downloaded and use immediately without paying a single dime. Also, since many of them are open-source, the source codes can be obtained through sites such as GitHub for free.

But, have you ever wondered how software developers make money out of it? Well, the truth is, not all of them are being monetized, especially for the open-source software.

If you think open-source software cannot…

NOTE: Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, I discourage you from actively going around especially by public transportation. Only take this article as handy information to get to know further about public transport. Always keep up to the latest news, practice social distancing and more importantly, maintain your hygiene.

Do you just moved into a new area? Do you need to go around but don’t have the means to own a car?

One of the cheapest ways to go around your area is by taking public transport. But since you are pretty new in your place, how can you possibly…

In this prevalent age of the Internet, access to public transportation is made more accessible and increasingly affordable, and IoT enhances it several steps further.

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It used to be that taking public transportation is a hassle in some ways. Indeed, before the existence of smartphones and the Internet, people intending to take any forms of public transit would ask any person they encountered or visit the information center (if any) to ask it.

Not everyone has the means to own a car so that public transport may be their only option. At the same time, getting information about riding a particular train or bus, as well as the timetables, is no easy feat. That’s one. What about if you want to hail a taxi? …

Side note, it’s not what you commonly see on the web, and it’s not 100% perfect

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I personally love to track everything I submitted or pitched on emails. But I must admit, I am also not good at tracking such submissions like how others would do. It’s not that I hate organizing them, but I feel that doing so every now and then is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Not everyone loves to send pitches, especially to a person you don’t really know. Personally, I had this terrifying feeling at first. But if I think again, the worse I would get is a no response from him or her. Just hit the “send” button anyway!

As time passes…

And I should have been doing this from the beginning of my freelance writing journey.

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When I started freelance writing for the first time, I always thought I could manage my freelancing stuff just by jotting down on everything I want to do in my notebook. At first, it was okay. But when all of a sudden, I have an overflow of ideas and tasks in hand, I started to lose track of everything I intend to do.

I was pretty disorganized and almost want to give up freelancing until I encountered a post on the WriteTo1K Success Facebook group by Kate Doster. She was on the live-streaming session in which she explained how to…

If you are just wading your feet into the investment world, these books would be a good introduction for you.

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When I started to delve into the world of investment opportunities, the first thing I did was searching on Google on everything related to investing. It was at that moment that it opened my eyes to everything investing-related beyond what I know throughout my lifetime.

The more I read, the sense of inquisitiveness spikes inside me. At the same time, I was eager to get myself a couple of books on investing, but not sure if I could get them in my area. Even if I can, I was in the assumption that the pricing would be astronomical.

I’m personally…

I’m neither a software developer nor a UX designer. Yet, my experience of using many kinds of software made me published this article.

This is a photo of a button that leads to the “Settings” button.
This is a photo of a button that leads to the “Settings” button.
Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

There are endless numbers of applications and software on the web, ranging from paid to freeware and even open-source, and can be used in a number of devices, desktop and mobile alike.

However, many of the software received a variety of feedbacks and criticisms due to differing qualities among each other. While end-users like me are keen to use it first-hand, they might also be wary of how it may work or whether it will function well.

One of the most complaints and feedback from the users is the unfriendly user experience, or the user interface is hard to navigate…

So that you don’t have to overthink on setting up a website first

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I could still recall that I excitedly set up my WordPress website in hopes that I can start firing up some posts and publish there. But man, it took me a lot of time to set that up, and I must admit, I could have spent the majority of that time focusing on writing the articles and samples, then showcasing them on free sites which I will list them out below. But for some reason, my excitement towards setting up WordPress, despite the steep learning curve, preceded the supposed priority of showing my writing ability.

If I have the power…

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